What is Betfair? Betfair is the world's leading betting exchange, a concept it pioneered.

All bets on Betfair are placed there by users who either want to bet for a selection or outcome in the normal way (back), or bet against a selection or outcome (lay). Bets are matched between people with opposing views.

In addition to the exchange Betfair has an established games portfolio, including Betfair Poker, Betfair Casino and a number of exchange-enabled games.

Betfair is a licensed bookmaker in the UK. It also has licences in Australia, Malta, Austria and Germany.

Why Betfair? Betfair offers you unprecedented choice, value and control.

You can bet that an outcome will happen (back) or that it won't happen (lay). You can choose the odds you want to play at You can bet whilst the game is in play. You can play on a range of products and innovative games.

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